Line Dance Lessons with Rebecca aid in balance and foot speed

The summer line dance series is history. Loads of fun, happy feet and smiles. Now on to cooler fall season dancing with Rebecca’s classes.

Dr Mark Magdanz

Summer is fast fading along with our long days. So, what do we have coming for the fall? Both levels of line dance skill will have classes starting mid-October. Class size is limited to the space in the room. Reservation of your space on the floor is required. If you’ve never danced with Rebecca, it’s about fun, exercise, learning and laughter in all her class sessions. At our ages, if it’s not fun, why do it?

I’ve written many times about the many benefits of dance to your brain and fitness. This month I’ve been sidelined with Achilles surgery and thus I’ve been watching the dancing closely (while playing the music and trying not to nap). Here’s what I’ve observed: improved balance and foot speed. The dancers in Rebecca’s classes demonstrate substantial improvement in their ability to move their feet faster and maintain their stability. So what, you might ask? Falls, one of the greatest risks we face as we age, are linked to a few factors. Dizziness and severe weakness should be investigated medically. Just being slow afoot is something you can actively change. Think about it, stumble with slow feet and down you may go. Faster foot reaction, you may catch yourself. With line dancing the inner ear cilia that affect balance are mobilized which in essence keeps and/or refreshes your body’s ability to react faster to position change. Better response skills equal fewer falls. So how does this happen? By showing up and having fun you will improve your speed, stamina and strength of upright mobility. That means you will be less likely to have a tragic fall change your life, possibly forever.

Fall Level 1 Beginners has just a few spaces on the dance floor. Rebecca works hard to accommodate everyone, including those who don’t return until after week one. Line dance is one of the top forms of low impact activity for seniors. Level 1 Beginner classes are for students new to line dance and those who like easier steps, a more paced and less strenuous workout. Monday and Thursday afternoon classes are presented.

Level 2/Easy Intermediate dances are more complex. The teaching pace is quicker. Sessions are Monday afternoons and/or Tuesday mornings. If you already have basic skills and fitness, you may be able to enjoy this as your first series by checking your status with Rebecca.

Line Dancing with Rebecca is thorough and emphasizes lots of fun. To sign up for fall 2018 or January 2019, contact Rebecca Magdanz at [email protected] or phone 818-2656 for locations, costs and placement on her reservation list. Rebecca is a 14-year full-time SaddleBrooke resident this month. She teaches year-round in both SaddleBrooke and SB Ranch. Rebecca began teaching in SaddleBrooke about ten years ago.