Line Dance Lessons with Rebecca – December 2014

Sign up now for winter line dance lessons. Classes start January 19-22, but floor space is tight as of November 24. The winter series will run 10 weeks with a final date March 30-April 2. Classes run 90 minutes and Rebecca’s lessons are full of maximum fun for your time and money.

What do you get with line dance? Well, you’ll get fun, exercise, balance, strength, new friends, brain repair/maintenance, increased memory, muscle tone, bone strength, self confidence and mostly fun. What’s needed – a brain, feet and a desire for more consistent fun and exercise. A willingness to laugh at yourself and with others will be your greatest asset. It is required that you be nice to yourself and allow sufficient time to master some basic skills. Learning to line dance is easy and fun. Basically, in line dance you step forward, backward, sideways, across or behind, kick your foot, touch the toe or heel, etc. – easy stuff! Do it faster with music and that’s much of the physical process. Remembering the steps (words) and sending the message to your feet is where you get big brain benefits as shown in current health research. Rebecca’s cues give you the hint about the coming step. She is unsurpassed at providing the half second lead time you need to stay with the music comfortably. Repeating the steps trains your brain to move your feet faster and more accurately. Once you’ve learned basic steps, you can learn different and more complex dances faster. A couple years back AARP reported that surveyed seniors (at a rate of 94 percent) stated staying mentally sharp as a top priority. “Secrets of Staying Sharp” stressed four factors affecting brain health – mental, physical and social activity, plus vascular health. These are all facilitated safely and soundly with regular line dancing.

Rebecca will give you the fundamentals of dance so you may enjoy many years of line dancing. Line dance allows you get to exercise, enjoy new friends and improve your balance and coordination. Teaching and living in an adult community with physical limitations, much pride is taken in the ability to modify dance components to accommodate individual dancers’ physical limitations for your safety and comfort. Student Raye commented, “Thanks so much; your classes are the best! And thanks for all the extra effort changing dances for those of us with dizziness or joint pain.”

Rebecca’s line dance classes and practices serve the novice/beginner through the experienced line dancer. Year round classes are Monday late morning (Beginner), Monday afternoon (Advanced Beginner/Easy Intermediate), Tuesday morning (Advanced Beginner/Easy Intermediate), Thursday afternoon (Intermediate) plus a practice Saturday afternoon.

Contact Rebecca Magdanz at or phone 818-2656. Rebecca is a 10 plus year full-time SaddleBrooke resident and teaches classes about 44 weeks of the year.

With holidays and vacations upon us all, e-mail is your best bet for a quick response in securing your space!