Light Painting with SaddleBrooke Photography Club

Dee English

It was an evening of spectacular lights, movement, shapes and art created by the photographers who participated in the “Painting with Light” workshop. Light saber swords, glow sticks, electro-luminescent wires, light balls and other gadgets were twirled, wiggled and swept through the air to create patterns captured by cameras using a long exposure. Ballet moves from the performers gave some graceful ribbon-like photos, while other patterns had a more zig-zag effect. The beautiful flowing of lights and shapes mesmerized your eyes and your lens. No limits to the creativity with this group.

Light paintings often add or show what the naked eye cannot see; thus, it is a very different way of conveying image and light. Light painting with unlimited imaginative expression is more apt to produce an emotion and fall within the realm of fine art.

Dee English, the leader of the Creative Special Interest Group, gave instructions on how to set your camera, with hints on how to make a long exposure to capture the movements of the dancing lights. With four different set-ups and many color choices of gadgets to play with, everyone was eager to begin. Roddy Wilder built some of the light tools and showed how to use them.

Laurel Parrott said that her orb was a little lopsided. “LOL. I need practice,” she said.

“That was a whole lotta fun last night,” Bill Grinonneau said. “It was a big hit. The props used took some effort to make…much appreciated,” Barbara Katz said. ”Compliments on a wonderful creative evening. You expand my photography world.”

Our Creative Photography SIG is not just for creativity but it is also a time you get to know your camera better, learn different settings, techniques and options on how you can capture what you are seeing. The evening is filled with technical help as well as creative help. It’s a group of very talented individuals that have a blast while taking photos that will wow you and your audience!

We would love to have you join us for our next Creative Photography SIG, which happens every second Wednesday of the month; the next one is January 10, 2018 at 7:00 p.m. in the Agate Room in SaddleBrooke Two. In addition to our monthly meeting, you can always join us at the Agate Room at SaddleBrooke Two on Wednesday and Friday from 9:00 a.m. to noon every week. For inquires about our weekly meet-ups or to join our club, contact: Roddy Wilder at 520-500-6077.

For inquiries regarding the Creative Class, contact: Dee English at  520-730-9081 or email her at [email protected].