LIFT – Ladies In Fellowship Together

Terry Barringer

One afternoon in the spring of 2002 Lil Reed, wife of Pastor John of the Community Church at SaddleBrooke, took stock of her church. The teaching was biblically sound, the Bible studies were well attended, the fellowship was warm and inviting but something was missing. Although there were several active successful ministries, there were none devoted specifically to the needs of the single ladies. With that observation LIFT was launched.

LIFT, Ladies In Fellowship Together, was formed to provide a ministry for single, widowed and divorced women as well as for those women who were alone in their faith. Today, under the leadership of Sharon Williams, it is one of the most active energetic ministries at Community Church at SaddleBrooke serving 35 ladies.

Bev Black, one of the original members, said this about her experience with LIFT, “Many of us have families scattered around the country so our LIFT friends are very special to us. When anyone needs help we are there for her. My friendship with these dear Christian women is so important to me.”

Norma Weaver lost her husband shortly after moving to SaddleBrooke. She recalled: “I attended my first LIFT meeting six weeks after my husband went home to the Lord. I didn’t know anyone. But then my life was filled with warmth, caring and love from a room of Christian friends. We are still there for one another.”

LIFT holds their monthly meetings from October through May. At these meetings interactive programs on friendship, faith and love is presented, followed by a social time and refreshments. During the summer months you will find them going to movies and trying out new restaurants.

Field trips are also on the agenda. The ladies recently toured art exhibits in Oro Valley and in April will visit the Greek Orthodox Monastery in Florence. They also enjoy celebrations.

If this sounds like a group of ladies you would like to share fellowship with, they would love to have you join them. Give Sharon Williams a call at 825-4702 or [email protected] she will gladly answer any questions you may have.