Lady Niners Welcomes New Members

VP Sandy Wagoner and new member Nancy Paine (photo by Wanda Ross)

New members Sue Mobley and Randi Tonnessen (photo by Wanda Ross)

Wanda Ross

Lady Niners gladly welcomes new members. Ten new members joined this year, and more are joining. Most are new to SaddleBrooke. Many golfed elsewhere and are eager to golf here. Some already enjoy league play. Snowbirds often are members of Lady Niners, plus a league at their other homes. Some new members are keen to return to golf after COVID.

Others are new to league play, having only golfed socially. Some started golfing after they moved here. They usually play Nine and Wine and take lessons. Once they have improved their golf games and learned golf rules and etiquette, they join Lady Niners. We play by the rules but are a very welcoming and fun social group. A joy of league play is golfing with different ladies, socializing and getting to know them at the RoadRunner Grill after golf.

Nancy Paine moved here in October 2020. She golfed with her husband Jim and his friends, then began golfing with their wives who told her Lady Niners is a great way to meet people. She joined in January and is very glad she did. Nancy said, “Golfing with only women was new to me. I had to force myself at first; it was so different. I had never been in a competitive situation nor kept precise scores, so I hesitated. I thought it might be too serious and strict, but it isn’t. Everyone is very friendly here; people help one another. I’m not very outgoing, but the whole experience has helped me meet and get to know people.”

Randi Tonnessen moved here from Park City, Utah, two years ago. She golfed socially but did not have a handicap card/GHIN number. All Randi had to do was play six 9-hole rounds of golf, keep track of her scores, and have someone sign to verify them. She submitted these with her application and now is a Niners member with a GHIN number. Randi said, “Niners is a fun group. I look forward to meeting new women every week.”

Sue Mobley started golfing after moving here in 2015. Her husband Chris golfs 18 holes with the guys, then another 9 holes with her! She played with Nine and Wine and joined the Lady Niners in 2016. After only one year in Niners, unfortunately, she was diagnosed with Parkinson’s. She quit to manage her health, then rejoined this June. Sue stated, “I like to have a regular schedule of golf and meet new people. Playing regularly with a set schedule is easier for me; otherwise, I might talk myself out of playing.” Sue encourages others to return to golf after an illness for the fun, physical activity, and uplifting socialization.

Membership is open to SaddleBrooke residents in either SaddleBrooke One or SaddleBrooke TWO. Application forms are outside the Pro Shop and at Membership fees are reduced for the rest of the year. Every Tuesday, we golf in friendly 9-hole games, plus we have tournaments throughout the year. New members learn about pace of play, etiquette, and rules, plus how to use the Chelsea booking system and post social golf scores on GHIN. New members are linked with a seasoned member who golfs with them, explains league play, and answers questions. Play every week or only when you want to play. It’s very flexible.