Lady Niners Enjoy Summer Golf

Sun on the Catalina Mountains as viewed from the Tucson course (photo by Wanda Ross)

Reflection on the beautiful Tucson course (photo by Wanda Ross)

Wanda Ross

It’s summer and our snowbird members have flown off to other places, but our full timers are here and are enjoying summer golf. We continue to hold our league games each week on Tuesday mornings, usually starting early in the day when the temperatures are cooler. We summer golfers know how to stay comfortable in this weather. We wear wet cooling cloths around our necks, use portable fans and sprayers, and bring plenty of water or maybe even Gatorade. Some of our members have fans or air conditioning in their golf carts. How’s that for comfort? We gladly do whatever it takes to get us out on the course and having fun golfing on our beautiful courses. We love the holes where we feel a breeze or even the breeze created by riding in our golf carts. Oh, the joys of being outside in nature.

Sometimes, even in summer, we have special events. On Tuesday, July 19, we played in a Niners Unite tournament. For this event, our Lady Niners and Men’s Niners golfed together in a scramble format on the Tucson course. We had a total of 40 players. Each foursome included both men and women. This was an excellent opportunity to get to know our Niners counterpart. It may even open opportunities for the men and women to golf together outside of league play. Golfing together was followed by a luncheon in the Agave Lounge of chicken fajitas with all the fixings and a decadently delicious cherry cobbler.

Congratulations to the winners:

1st Place: Greg Diment, Bruce Anderson, Susan Lucci, and Joanie Broder

2nd Place: Jay Love, Sheryl Nugent, Bob Auld, and Jeff Sehn

3rd Place: Dave Lancaster, Terri Tindal, Pat Stead, and Dave Machamer

4th Place: Cal Saulsbury, Kat Danner, Brenda Wilson, and Donald Taylor

5th Place: David James, Dennis Holt, Regina Pang, and Hedy Gryszan

Many thanks to Charlotte, James, Jay Love, and Dennis Holt for partnering to put together this fun tournament. We are hugely grateful to Jane Chanik, head golf professional, and Molly Fullerton, assistant golf professional, who make these tournaments possible for us. We also thank Mike Roddy, director of golf, for keeping our courses in great shape for tournaments. It takes the work of many to create a successful event. As our Lady Niners president Terri Tindal says, “Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success!”

Summer is an excellent time to join the SaddleBrooke Lady Niners. Membership fees are reduced now that we’re into the second half of the year. We make league days fun. Every Tuesday morning, we golf in friendly nine-hole games at one of the three SaddleBrooke golf courses. We also have a variety of tournaments throughout the year. Check us out at New membership applications are available outside the SaddleBrooke Pro Shop in the posting room.

We Lady Niners always are appreciative of our event sponsors: Desert Life Pharmacy, RidgeView Physical Therapy, Coyote Golf Cars, Golf Cars of Arizona, and Morris Hall, PLLC.