Ladies 55+ 4.0 Team Going to Sectionals

Front row (left to right): Co-Captains Jane Zielske and Jackie Kline; middle row (left to right): Venita Ransom and Marie Kahng; back row (left to right): Janine Sullivan, Lynda Coville, Louise O’Reilly, Jill Duckett, Tina Huber, Brenda Harried, and Janet Jensen; not pictured: Ruth Irving and Holly Rose

Jane Zielske

SaddleBrooke’s Tough Cookies Ladies 55 and over 4.0 won the league for the second year in a row with an undefeated season.

The team includes co-captains Jane Zielske and Jackie Kline, who have co-captained for years. “I am fortunate to have Jackie as an amazing co-captain and also as a wonderful partner,” says Jane.

Returning veterans from last year’s team are Louise O’Reilly, Tina Huber, Jill Duckett, Marie Kahng, Holly Rose, Jackie Kline, and Jane Zielske. Former member Melissa De Looze was out for knee replacement.

We have several newcomers this year, including Janine Sullivan, Venita Ransom, Lynda Coville, Brenda Harried, Janet Jensen, and Ruth Irving.

Even with a larger team than last year, we had many matches where we had no subs. The team demonstrated great flexibility, as most of us played with several partners, and some matches were played with a partner they had never played with before.

The pressure on the team increased through the season, as we were always in second place due to the first-place team having better stats than us. We won more matches 2-1, and they won more matches 3-0, and when the big day came to play the first-place team, we won 2-1. After that, the pressure was on to not lose a match, as any loss would result in a second-place finish.

The team constantly rose to the occasion. Out of eight matches, we won three matches 3-0 (winning all three courts). In the other five matches, we won 2-1. Three of those came down to a third-set tiebreak, which we had to win, and did. During the eight matches, we ended up playing six super tie breaks, and we won all of them. The team demonstrated great composure, good sportsmanship, great camaraderie, and competitive spirit. Well done, ladies!

Sectionals will be at El Conquistador in Tucson Sept. 15 through 17.