Knit Wits news – February 2015

New 2015 co-presidents JoAnn Ciaciuch and Glenn Webster

New 2015 co-presidents JoAnn Ciaciuch and Glenn Webster

Bobbi Forsch

The Knit Wits are excited about their first class. Claudia Brust and her Program/Education committee are teaching how to make fingerless gloves and beaded cuffs. Classes are available for anyone interested.

You might wonder why so many people knit or crochet. Crafting has so many advantages. Working with yarn can relieve anxiety by keeping your hands and mind busy. The repetitive motion and ability to create help relieve depression. Creation can increase self-esteem. Crafters work on various types of projects but whether you finish a scarf, afghan or sweater or something else there is a great feeling of accomplishment. Working on patterns can help your mind stay active, reducing dementia in some. Working on a repetitive project can be soothing and lull you off to sleep if insomnia is an issue. You can also de-stress by setting aside some time during the day to knit or crochet and have your own quiet time. Working with the many new soft and luxurious yarns can have an overall calming effect on a person. Knitting and crocheting can also be used as part of the prayer process by making prayer shawls. There are so many health benefits associated with these crafts. These are all good reasons to knit or crochet but you will also find you have a new community of friends. At local yarn shops, fiber fairs, online and here at Knit Wits you will find new ideas and support for your craft. Seeing someone with yarn is a great conversation opener. We all love to share what we are working on. We actually share with show and tell the first Wednesday of every month and receive positive feedback from our own knitting community.

Now, sit back, relax and think of all the positive benefits you have or could have from joining a knit/crochet community. We meet every Wednesday morning from 9:00 to 11:30 a.m. in the SaddleBrooke One Arts and Crafts Center, Room 4.