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Members of Knit Wits admire all the donations for the baby shower.

Members of Knit Wits admire all the donations for the baby shower.

Carol Chiarello

The new year is well underway and our Knit Wits members are keeping very busy. First of all, welcome to all the new people who have joined us this year. Welcome to the ‘Brooke and to the friendliest club.

Last month we had a visit from Jonelle from Southwest Trading Company, a yarn business located near Phoenix. She always has some helpful tips and interesting new yarns to share.

Many members are gearing up to do the knit-along vest, called Treyi. It is a beautiful two color vest. Help and knitting advice will be available throughout this knit-along.

We are also excited to participate again in a baby shower to assist Tucson Troop Support. Members not only made baby blankets, hats, sweaters and booties, they were generous with additional items for Mom and Baby such as diapers, lotions, bibs, toys, books and other essentials.

Charity knitting is ongoing. There is always a need for knitted knockers, kids’ hats, blankets and chemo hats. We provide yarn and patterns for charity knitting.

Our co-Presidents Bobbi Forsch and Linda Hood have many exciting things in store for this year. Would you like to check us out? We meet on Wednesday mornings, 9:00 to 11:30 a.m. in HOA 1 Arts and Crafts Center, Room 4. We are crochet friendly as well.