Knit Wits news

Displaying blankets, etc. ready for the babies.

Carol Chiarello

Yes, we have done it again! In late February, the Knit Wits held the annual baby shower in support of SaddleBrooke Troop Support. Beth came to our meeting to share stories of the vetted families who will receive our baby and mom items. She also brought along Marlene, who volunteers at the Military Lounge at Tucson International Airport. We learned a lot about needs and volunteer opportunities.

Members knitted (or crocheted) dozens of blankets, hats, booties and other things for this event. Our ladies also purchased items such as onesies, toys, books and other necessities. Beth was quite touched by the array of beautiful items that will delight a military family. She brings all the items home and then creates beautiful baskets that will be delivered to the deserving vets.

In March we had a guest speaker from Senior Village. David spoke to us about the volunteers who help people in our community to get things done such as driving to appointments or the grocery store, helping them to do things around the house like changing bulbs, trimming bushes, replacing water filters or having fun such as putting, bocce ball or playing cards. All of these can help to stave off loneliness. Senior Village at SaddleBrooke is a local charity that can receive a tax credit donation.

The Knit Wits knit, crochet, learn, socialize, help each other and basically have a lot of fun and laughter doing it. Want to join us for only $12 a year? Come by any Wednesday morning from 9:00-11:00 a.m., to SaddleBrooke One’s Arts and Crafts Center, Room 4. A smiling face will welcome you, even if you are just there to check us out.

P.S. A big thank you to all the ladies who knit (or crochet) at home and deliver beautifully homemade items for our charity donations! We appreciate you!