Knit Wits news

Members listen intently as Barb shows us how the gauge of your yarn project can change based on your needle and yarn size.

Carol Chiarello

Road trip for the ladies! Last month about 20 of our Knit Wits drove out to visit Grandma’s Spinning Wheel, an excellent yarn shop on the east side of town. The group was treated to special instruction, special yarn pricing and then the ladies went to lunch.

What happens when you are not sure of the gauge of the yarn you are knitting with? Well, lots can happen. Your item could turn out too big or too small and that would be a shame after all the hours of knitting, not to mention the time spent selecting the perfect yarn.

We are very lucky to have several experts in our midst. Barb taught a class to show us the importance of doing a gauge swatch. She knitted the same yarn with different sized needles to show our ladies what happens. Our classes have been well attended and we thank Barb for sharing her knowledge. These classes are optional and there is no additional charge.

Another class to be held soon is on hats. What a nice quick item to knit up, whether for charity or for a relative who still lives in the cold part of our country. The ladies are excited to get some new hat patterns.

Our group of Knit Wits gets together every Wednesday morning from 9:00-11:00 a.m., in the SaddleBrooke One Arts and Crafts Center, Room 4. Come check us out and see what’s going on.