Just for the Girls …

Mary Jo Bellner Swartzberg

Do you remember … ?

Hoping that this article will take you back!

Putting nail polish on runs in your nylons, bell-bottoms, Sweet Honesty by Avon, chain belts, Clearasil, Twiggy, miniskirts, headbands, garters, Tangee lipstick, Heaven Scent, bobby pins, Faberge Organics, the beatnik look, Patchouli perfume, Tab, anything plaid, frost lipstick, bonnet hair dryers, Mary Quant, Clairol Herbal Essences shampoo, platform shoes, Love’s Fresh Lemon cologne, Tweed cologne, crocheted vests, car hops, Noxzema, go-go boots, wooden clog sandals by Dr. Scholl’s, Ambush perfume, aluminum tumblers, matching dress and jacket sets, snap-on plastic rollers, Prell, high-waisted jeans, hairnets, girdles, granny glasses, granny dresses, Boone’s Farm wine, peasant blouses, madras, pixie haircuts, angora-wrapped senior rings, ankle bracelets, the mod look, roller skates, wearing hats and gloves for special occasions, pedal pushers, initial rings, pop-it beads, Bakelite, ballet flats, slips, chiffon dresses, bright red lipstick, I.D. bracelets, charm bracelets, oversized clothing, brooches, Bonnie Bell Ten-O-Six, button earrings, shorthand, birthstone rings, pony tails, Fizzies, rhinestone jewelry, the grunge look, pajama parties, jacks, multistrand pearl necklaces/bracelets, snoods, Afros, teased hair, lava lamps, tie-dyed shirts, Peter Pan collars, Aqua Net hairspray, Chex Mix, Simplicity patterns, granny squares, poodle skirts, the Jackie-O look, culottes, geometric prints, shifts, penny loafers, saddle shoes, colored tights, pant suits, macrame, the beehive, the pillbox hat, birthstone rings, fake eyelashes, big hair, the baby doll look, the bikini, getting tanned with baby oil mixed with iodine, the hippie look, shirtdresses, calf-length skirts, shoulder pads a la Dynasty, pleated skirts, the Annie Hall look, A-line skirts, turbans, Shazam, halter tops, Dynasty-style dresses, the Diane von Furstenberg wrap dress, pinafores, bomber jackets, wigwam wool socks, Ouija boards, princess telephones, the French twist, cardigan sweaters, Orange Crush, The Electric Company, and Bermuda shorts.

Musically Speaking!

“The Bunny Hop,” Moments to Remember,” “Chattanooga Choo Choo,” “The Twist,” “If I Had a Hammer,” The Shag,” “Sweet Dreams Are Made of This,” “Hotel California,” “YMCA,” “You’ve Lost that Lovin’ Feeling,” “The Mashed Potato,” “Autumn Leaves,” “The Foxtrot,” “Mrs. Robinson,” “Singing the Blues,” “Love Letters in the Sand,” “Be My Baby,” “The Funky Chicken,” “Color My World,” “I Get Around,” “The Watusi,” “Close to You,” “The Boogie Woogie,” “I Wanna Hold Your Hand,” “California Dreamin’,” “Swingin’ on a Star,” “The Stroll,” “Tuxedo Junction,” “The Southside,” “American Woman,” “Go Your Own Way,” “The Rumba,” “Total Eclipse of the Heart,” “The Bump,” and “Girls Just Want to Have Fun.”

Romantic Movies

1940s: Casablanca; 1950s: An Affair to Remember; 1960s: Charade; 1970s: Love Story; 1980s: When Sally Met Harry; 1990s: Sleepless in Seattle; 2000s: Bridget Jones’s Diary.