Join Us for an Angelic Experience

Suzanne Marlatt Stewart

Angels are great messengers, caregivers, and communicators. When asked, they offer us assistance in regards to our relationships, careers, finances, and wellbeing. If a person is open to receiving their assistance, their guidance and help can be profound and life-changing.

Have you ever looked at the clock and seen 4:44 again and again? Have you ever heard a voice in your head giving you directions, even if you didn’t think you needed them? Was there ever a time when you were in a dangerous situation and somehow you arrived safely at your destination? There are so many ways that angels help us and watch over us. Now is the perfect time to build a stronger relationship with them and allow them to hold us in a safe space.

Through songs and signs, numbers and messages, and our intuition, angels communicate with us and act as links in our relationships. At this event, we will focus on their guidance, love, and healing. As a group, we will practice how to best interact with our guardian angels using precise techniques and steps. By taking the time to tune in, angels help us communicate with those whom we are unable to connect with in person, living or passed. How we ask them for help is just as important as asking. We will discuss divine timing, the use of kind words, and how to let go once we complete the process of communication.

Join our Metaphysical Explorations Club on Nov. 10 at 7 p.m. in the Activity Center at SaddleBrooke One for an angelic experience and opportunity to get to know our angels in a deeper way. Facilitated by Karen Callan, psychic medium, director of Rosa Yoga, author, speaker, and spiritual guide.

We look forward to sharing this sacred time with you.

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