Jigsaw Puzzle Library news

Pat Schlote

We would like to welcome back our SaddleBrooke Snowbird Puzzlers who may not know about the re-establishment of the Jigsaw Puzzle Library.

We have successfully been back in business for a few months now with the supply growing steadily (250 to 3,000 pieces).

Location is at SaddleBrooke II MountainView in the cabinet/armoire in the hallway by the meeting rooms (across from the ballroom).

It is based on the honor system. Borrow a puzzle any time and return it when finished; there will be no monitoring.

Please mark the inside lid with month and year last used. Puzzles will be purged if not used in two years.

Donations are always welcome.

For questions and comments contact Magery Nemura at [email protected] or Pat Schlote at [email protected].