Jewish Community Hosts Pima Court Juvenile Advocate

Northwest Tucson Jewish Community will host Carrie Jacobi, volunteer Victim Advocate for the Juvenile Court of Pima County, on Jan. 18 at a lunch-and-learn event from noon to 1:30 p.m. at Post Workspaces, 7400 North Oracle Road, Tucson, Ariz. Space is limited. The cost is $18. Registration is at [email protected].

Jacobi will speak about her role as an advocate for victims in juvenile court cases. She became a juvenile court advocate after being trained in the Pima County Attorney’s Office. Jacobi had retired from the Town of Marana Planning Department.

As a Victim Advocate, Jacobi acts on behalf of victims in juvenile criminal cases. In court hearings, Jacobi explains laws, rules, and regulations pertaining to all victims and can make a victim impact statement so that the juvenile court can determine the best possible outcome of the case.

In addition to explaining her position, Jacobi will speak about the Community Justice Board, which works toward restorative justice, her experience riding the Crisis Van after 12 weeks of crisis training, and how the juvenile court handles lawbreakers.

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