Jerry Nelson and Community Church

Dick Kroese and Carol Thompson

Community Church at SaddleBrooke (CCSB) was privileged and honored to have internationally celebrated pianist Jerry Nelson perform for a second time at our Church in SaddleBrooke.

Jerry has established himself as one of the world’s premiere pianists. After directing the same church orchestra for over 30 years, Jerry felt a burning desire to share his talent and heart with the world. His passion is to use his music to rekindle a spark of joy wherever he performs. And so, with God at his back, he brought his talent once again to Community Church in SaddleBrooke.

I can say that all of us that were there walked away saying to ourselves this is one of the most wonderful experiences ever. As a member of the Community Church choir, Carol Thompson and 28 others from the CCSB congregation joined Jerry Nelson in his presentation on September 10. As a choir member I was privileged to sing along in Jerry Nelson’s presentation that Sunday morning for our congregation.

Thank you, Jerry!

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