It’s Triple Aces for SaddleBrooke Women’s Golf Association-18

If tonight was poker night, SBWGA-18 would hold the winning hand starting with a pair of aces. Shawna Ianson carded a low gross of 87 and Connie Culley came in with a low net score of 68. Congratulations to both.

The third ace in this hand goes to Lee Belt. Lee got her hole-in-one Feb. 11 on SaddleBrooke hole 2. Her co-players told me she tamed the par three by hitting a high lob with her 9-iron that went straight into the cup. That’s some good playing, Lee.

To fill out the hand, this reporter got a pair of nines on a couple of par fives in just one day. Ah, well.

As I promised, I’ve consulted the most knowledgeable sources available to bring you the first installment of making the World Handicap System easier to understand.

Let’s start with your handicap. To find your index for the day you can check your GHIN app on your phone, laptop, or PC. Or, you can find your handicap on the posting computer in the clubhouse. GHIN has the conversion chart or you can check the chart on the Ladies 18 bulletin board. This will allow you to correctly pop your card for the day. Then you will be able to determine your maximum score for each hole. Par plus two, plus your pops. Now, wasn’t that simple? Stay tuned for the next installment, whatever that may be. Keep those cards and letters coming in and we’ll try to address all your questions.

Speaking of aces, I’ve had to pay ace investigators, Chunkie and Scuffie, overtime to coax them out into the cold and I think we are one step closer to finding the source of the strange apparitions. I’m sure you will recall that last year, Chunkie discovered silvery blue lights around the tee box on hole 8 SaddleBrooke. This just in: I’ve been informed that Chunkie was able to capture the phenomena on film. We’ve called in experts from Area 51 and confidence is high that we will have a startling new discovery before our next publication.

There’s one card left in this deck and it’s a joker. To improve the pace of play, Spankie has this tip: “On game days other than tournament play, your fifth putt is a gimmie.”

That’s it for now. Next month, we’ll have photos from our Clash for Cash Three Jills and a Jack tournament and much more.