It’s a New Year! Make it a great one

Jan Pede

2019 is already here and Wags & Walkers is starting their 15th year volunteering at Pima Animal Care Center (PACC). The shelter has made an amazing transformation in that time frame from a Rabies Control Center to a life-saving Animal Care Center. Our group has transformed as well from once-a-week dog walkers to life-saving volunteers. We now serve in many capacities at the shelter, opportunities we could never have imagined when we first started to volunteer there in 2005. We now serve as adoption counselors, clinic volunteers, shelter greeters, pet advocates, mentors, pet training program participants, playgroup runners and so much more.

With the start of the new year, please join us in volunteering at PACC. You may be interested in dog walking. There are now several levels of dog handling training classes available as well as dog walking mentors to help you learn and hone your skills. If cats are your interest, join us in the amazing new cat room at PACC where cats now have access to group housing as well as outdoor spaces. And if you didn’t think cats could be trained then think again. If helping the sick and injured is your interest, join the clinic volunteer group as they work to save lives daily in the new state-of-the-art medical clinic. Whatever your interest, there are many more opportunities to participate.

If interested in volunteering at PACC, please contact Jan Pede at [email protected] for more information. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing the transformation of an innocent life from a scared, frightened and abandoned pet to a confident and friendly pet, safe in a loving home.