Interested in Fantasy Football?

Walter Teike

Just loved playing football as a youngster? Still love watching NFL football? You enjoy the banter with other fans? If so, you can become the General Manager of your own NFL football team.

SaddleBrooke has its own NFL fantasy football leagues. These are fun leagues for competing against your SaddleBrooke neighbors. If you are interested in some friendly competition, feel free to contact Walt or Lou Teike at 818-1669 or email [email protected]. You will be given more information at that time.

There are two leagues in which to compete. There is a head to head league of 16 weeks and an accumulative league also 16 weeks. You will compete in both leagues. Win one league or the other. Perhaps win neither. The end result is fun and meeting new friends. These leagues are open to all SaddleBrooke residents, including the Ranch. Ladies, I know there are many ladies who love NFL football. If you love NFL football, please do not hesitate in considering joining. There is a pre-season mock draft party, occasional get together at the clubhouse to watch a key game or just a favorite team.

Fantasy football is a huge part of the overall 21st century NFL experience. If you’ve never played daily fantasy football, don’t worry. With a bit of research, you’ll pick up the basic rules in no time. You will draft a team of actual NFL football players. According to the league scoring rules, what each of your players does on game day is part of your total team score. Of course, score is everything. Most points scored wins. Throughout 17 weeks of the NFL season, you’ll have to stay up to date with the latest fantasy football news and select the best players from your team every week in order to defeat your rivals and become fantasy champion.

Tell your neighbors and your friends. Get them to join with you. Have a wife and husband team. Those that play together, stay together.