Inquiring Minds?

Dottie Adams

The Saddlebrooke Line Dance Club (SBLDC) Social Committee meets several times a year. I recently had the pleasure of attending a meeting. The subject of questions and answers for this article was discussed, and as usual the response was fantastic! As it would be too difficult to print questions from all the members, the following should cover the basics for both someone wishing to join and existing members.

Who teaches your classes?

Experienced volunteers serve as instructors at each level of line dance. They go through a thorough SBLD program to prepare for consistent leadership across the spectrum. In Novice, you will learn basic line dance steps, which serve as building blocks toward mastering the novice dances. A member may progress to Novice+, building on the basics learned in Novice, then on to Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3, where dances are more complex.

What tools do you offer your members who want to practice at home?

Cue sheets, step sheets, song lists, and instructional videos are easily accessible through the webpage, A monthly calendar lists the dances coming up each week for practice at home for Novice and Novice+. You will also find the upcoming Level 1 and Level 2 programs on the webpage every week.

How do members move from one level to another level?

There are eight dances to master at the Novice level, 10 in the Novice+ level, and 18 more in Level 1. Level 2 adds on an additional 18 dances to the repertoire, and Level 3 adds on an additional 14 dances to complete the club dance list. Each level sponsor pays attention to the progress of the members and often suggests, and encourages, those they see ready for advancement. It is even possible for a member to test out of a higher level while maintaining a lower level.

How often do you change the music and dances?

New dances are taught throughout the year at all program levels. Level 1 receives instruction on new dances every two months, while Level 2 and 3 learn a new dance every month. Dances are initially taught with a signature song that will be available in the accompanying video available on our website. The Music Committee then keeps an ear out for additional music that works for a given dance. Level 1 operates on a two-week program cycle and doesn’t necessitate such adjustments. We also archive “tired” dances when it is necessary to accommodate our latest additions.

When do you accept new members?

New members are accepted at any time of the year. It is a club for all levels of dance—novice, beginner, improver, and intermediate levels. The goal is enjoyment in dance and camaraderie.

I want to thank the members who shared their knowledge. Questions about the SBLDC are always welcome!

If you would like to join the SBLDC, check out our website at or contact Kay Caulkins at [email protected] Members enjoy a flexible choice of line dance lessons and workshop sessions with no pre-bookings required for the bargain membership fee of $10 per year! Why miss all the fun? Sign up now!