Indoor cycle to win

Bill Powell joins fellow SaddleBrooke Spinners in one of the six weekly spin sessions.

Bill Powell joins fellow SaddleBrooke Indoor Cyclists in one of the six weekly cycling sessions.

Jim Ryan

Indoor cycle to win! Win what? Win a new you and better you!

Here’s your opportunity to cash in on one of SaddleBrooke’s best deals. What will it cost you? It will cost you your effort, time, positive attitude and a determination of wanting to improve your overall wellbeing. So what is it and really how much will it cost me? It is called the SaddleBrooke Indoor Cycling and it will cost you zero dollars.

Indoor cycling on a specially designed stationary bike is the perfect way to increase your cardio strength, balance, endurance and various muscles. The cycle sessions are led by ten resident volunteers who use music to motivate and direct cyclists to try a variety of cycling exercises. However, each cycler will determine the amount of effort they are able to exert. The resident volunteer cycle leader will guide and make suggestions. You, however, will decide what you will or will not do.

Some of your fellow SaddleBrooke community members have been taking part in the resident organized indoor cycling program for five years. The sessions are offered six times weekly at set times and days. There are early morning sessions, early afternoon sessions and late afternoon sessions.

If you have the desire and the determination to indoor cycling to win, contact Jim Ryan at [email protected] or call 825-1309.