In a blaze of yellow, Kansas Day is celebrated

Mary Kopp

Surrounded by tables of blazing yellow sunflowers, Jayhawks, Wild Cats, Hornets, Icabods, Tigers, Falcons and other uniquely interesting Kansans did gather. The Kansans were beckoned by a rainbow colored poster to the Agave Lounge at HOA 1 to celebrate Kansas Day and recall a part of their lives that was spent in the Sunflower State.

From the wild times of Kansas City to the aircraft industry in Wichita and on to Dorothy’s red slippers in a Wizard of Oz Museum in Liberal, there were many experiences and stories told by the 48 plus guests. Each guest was asked to provide a Kansas trivia. A lot of facts, stories and information about Kansas surprised many. To mention just a few: Baker University, founded in 1858, is the oldest college in Kansas. Helium gas was discovered in 1905 at the University of Kansas and that a spot of land in Kansas is the Geodetic Center of North America. So when a Kansan says, “I am the center of the universe,” heed the message!

Kansas has 93 post-secondary colleges and universities. College Trivia Name the Mascot, developed by Fira Stout, challenged the group asking them to identify mascots from 25 colleges and universities. A former Jayhawker, Harlan Hobbs, answered 20 out of 25. An oversized three foot tall stuffed Mr. Jayhawk nodded approval from a seat at the bar. Indeed college memories ran deep as Kansas rivals teased, taunted and cajoled one another. I suspect we will see more mascots at future Kansas celebrations!

The activities of the night were completed with many a comment by those who attended who were already looking forward to next year and new traditions. Plans are underway for the second annual Kansas Day party in January 2016. If you are interested in participating please contact Mary Kopp at [email protected]