Improving your brain, health and strength is not something to put off another minute

Summer heat is forcing us into the A/C for safe activity in the mid-day. Come join some of these happy Line Dancers for more summer fun!

Summer heat is forcing us into the A/C for safe activity in the mid-day. Come join some of these happy Line Dancers for more summer fun!

Dr. Mark Magdanz

Line Dance Classes with Rebecca started June 26 for a nine lesson summer series ending September 7. If you sign up now you can catch up quick as all dances are taught two weeks in a row – and then reviewed the rest of the series. Miss a couple classes anytime – you can make them up another time/location. (Note: no classes 17 through 29)

This spring almost 100 dancers spent time in the comfortable A/C of HOA1, HOA2 and SaddleBrooke Ranch. As always, lots of dance steps (about 3 to 5,000 per class) assist you in your daily fitness recommendations. Line dance is a fun, educational and quick way to add life to your years here in our community. Meet new friends and solidify old ones with common interests. Professional instruction and observation keep you safer and help you learn faster. Two to three parties per year on the dance floor allow you to showcase your talents. Instructor Rebecca Magdanz now has multiple dances on instructor international websites. She is on YouTube with videos that help students learn faster. Dances are chosen so most have video support and all have instruction sheets to help you learn with all the tools necessary for success.

Gain fun, exercise, balance, strength, friends, brain/memory power, muscle tone, bone strength, self-confidence and consistent fun with Rebecca. Willingness to laugh at yourself and with others will be among your greatest assets. It’s required that you be nice to yourself and allow some time to catch on to the basics in dance.

Level 1 Beginners class is for those new to line dancing. Classes occur Monday in SaddleBrooke or Wednesdays at SaddleBrooke Ranch. Most all students start here. Some stay indefinitely. Some move up quickly. It is up to your goals and desires in line dance.

Level 2 Easy Intermediate classes provide a bit faster learning pace and more intense dance workout. Those who have previous training and/or experience may jump directly this level quickly. For this level you’ll need step training and more stamina. Classes at SaddleBrooke Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday at SaddleBrooke Ranch.

Level 3 Intermediate: The most challenging class with complex dances and a vigorous workout. Classes are Thursday afternoon. Level 2 is required before achieving this class.

Fun/vigorous Practice Sessions are year-round Thursday/Level 1 and Saturday Levels 2 and 3.

It’s time to claim a spot on the summer dance floor. If you are gone for the season, make fall or winter plans to dance. This summer’s nine classes are for every Level. Classes are taught on a reservation basis to control size and secure a favorable learning environment. Secure your place in this or a coming class by contacting Rebecca Magdanz at [email protected] or phoning 818-2656. Rebecca has produced happy SaddleBrooke/Ranch dancers for years and is a full time resident of Unit 24 in SaddleBrooke.