An important health update from Line Dance Lessons with Rebecca

Dr. Mark Magdanz

I’ve written about this a few times before but since it’s mentioned in three different places in May’s AARP Bulletin, I thought a mention again might get someone up from their recliner and on the move. Exercise – the simple guidelines are two and one half hours of moderate intensity aerobic activity and two sessions of muscle strengthening per week. That’s three percent of your average waking hours per week. With light hand weights you can do strength training watching TV so 2.2% is left. So that’s 30 minutes of your day five days a week. So how come less than 25% of adults (AARP map page 36) achieve that lowly goal? Mostly it boils down to procrastination at some level. The May bulletin has mention of easy exercise benefits on pages 18 and 20 within the articles on the Longest–Living Place on Earth and Alzheimer’s Would You Want to Know, so now read about it and then do it!

A review of multiple resources on Delaying the Effects of Aging makes it abundantly clear that aging is inevitable but we may slow and somewhat reverse this occurrence. Some of the things that can help your health in every way are exercise at least to the above mentioned guides; stay intellectually engaged with social activities; keep reading, playing and learning (think dance, games, luminosity, etc.; minimize stress, which is effectively helped by exercise; maintain a healthy diet with fresh fruits and veggies, Omega-3 fatty acids and protective antioxidants. Note: these are directly improved with line dancing.

Do these relatively easy steps and live a better, longer and happier life. And maybe the best news in SaddleBrooke is that no matter where your health, age and vitality are now, these same steps improve the future for just about everyone.

Rebecca’s Line Dance Lessons alone can fulfill your aerobic exercise time needs with one class and one practice each week. But you really should do at least 20 minutes of something five to six days each week.

Classes for the summer series are underway. Some more fit folks may still be able to start late and catch up with no problem. If you want to dance in the fall or winter, make your decision now and contact Rebecca soon as at least one of her six classes only has two or three places left; some folks are scheduled through 2015 and others are on her keep me signed up forever list. Rebecca teaches three different skill/fitness levels at SaddleBrooke and SaddleBrooke Ranch facilities and a one hour practice for each. She’s on the dance floor about 18 hours each week for the fun, fitness and joy of residents. To secure a place on a reservation list contact Rebecca Magdanz at [email protected] or phone 818-2656. Rebecca is a 10 year full time SaddleBrooke resident and teaches 44 weeks in the average year. She provides a professional, safe and fun line dance experience for an unbeatable price.