Howland’s Rock gets a Facelift


Riley Jackson

In 1996, a golfer named Paul Howland thought that a shortcut from the north and west sides of SaddleBrooke to the SaddleBrooke One Clubhouse and the golf course was needed, so he persuaded Robson and the HOA staff to build a cart path from the putting green up the hill to Jade Crest Avenue. Everyone was delighted with this new path: it saved time, provided a fun and scenic route, and eventually even had a spot at the top of the hill where you could sit and watch the sunset in the evening. So, it soon became known as Howland’s Highway, in honor of its founder. And shortly after that a local painter named Patty Sjolin was commissioned to paint a rock at the top of the hill to properly mark the site.

And so it stayed for a number of years, until in February of 2018 Paul’s widow Linda Howland decided that it was time for the rock to get a facelift. She approached SaddleBrooke artist Kay Sullivan, known for the work she did a few years ago repainting the SaddleBrooke One’s golf course tee signs. Kay loves an opportunity to contribute to the community and at the same time display her art, so she agreed with delight to take on the project. The SaddleBrooke One maintenance team sanded and power-washed the rock and Kay got to work. After several days of careful planning and painting, the project was completed on March 23. Kay has incorporated the local scenery – Samaniego ridge and cacti – with a whimsically decorated roadrunner which she hopes everyone will enjoy. Stop by and check it out the next time you’re up on the hill. It’s at the intersection of Jade Crest and Diamond Ridge.