Hole In One

Congratulations to Stefanie Williams!

Sue Schliepsiek, Stefanie Williams, Mary Jo Swartzberg, and Kat Danner

Stefanie Williams

Mary Jo Bellner Swartzberg

Lovely day! Lovely swing! Lovely hole-in-one on the Tucson Course, hole number 8, on Monday, June 5. Using a 6 iron, Stefanie Williams stepped up to the tee and effortlessly swung her club, sending her pink Callaway #2 ball airborne and landing it close to the hole. Then it rolled up and into the hole. The others in her foursome (Kat Danner, Sue Schliepsiek, and Mary Jo Swartzberg) screamed with excitement, saying, “It went in! It went in!” This was Stefanie’s third hole-in-one, but Stefanie’s excitement was still very much palpable! Good work, Stefanie!