HOA2 Fitness Center visits Sunrise Rotary Club


Helen Howard and TeriLee Olivier

Dick Kroese

Helen Howard, Fitness Coordinator/CPT, and TeriLee Olivier, Certified Trainer, were recent guests of SaddleBrooke Sunrise Rotary Club. Helen told us that the fitness center has something for everybody, no matter what your physical condition. Some of the programs that she told us about are indoor cycling, aqua-mix, strength training, yoga for a healthy back, chair fitness, balance and flexibility, Pilates barre and hydrocore. Helen also pointed out to us that if we do not have our health, we do not have anything. That is why we should do everything on our part to keep it.

Teri told us about her program called Shed It, a real food weight loss program. This is a carb-cycling program and is a proven method to reset your metabolism. This program is for people that love food and are tired of chronic dieting, fatigue and belly fat. I personally can say that I have been on this journey with Teri and I have shed over 25 pounds. I feel like a new person with a new bounce in my step. The best part is that I am not carrying a 25-pound sack on my back, to say the least! It has been a wonderful journey that Teri has taken me on. I have loved it and feel like a new person.

Yes, the fitness center has something for all of us and it does make a difference in our health, in our life and in how we feel.

SaddleBrooke Sunrise Rotary Club is a club of people who make contributions of time and money to assist those within our community and over the world. We meet every Thursday at noon in the Catalina Room next to the Bistro in SaddleBrooke TWO. Please contact Ron Lenz, membership chair, at 262-358-0130. Come and check us out, join our club, become a Rotarian!