Hiking Oracle Ridge

Hikers in a field of Golden Eye. (Photo by Elisabeth Wheeler)

Hikers at High Jinks Ranch: Randy Wentross, Bertie Litchfield, Elisabeth Wheeler, Jeff Love, and Aaron Schoenberg (Photo by Ellen Buckley)

Elisabeth Wheeler

Hikers, led by Jeff Love, enjoyed an adventurous hike up Oracle Ridge from the American Flag Ranch Trailhead outside Oracle. Recent rains had brought out abundant grasses and catclaw over the lower section of the trail. The 2000-foot elevation gain provided grand views of Apache Peak, Samaniego Ridge, and Picacho Peak in the distance.

Near the saddle grew fields of Golden Eye, a delight to the eyes! Hikers enjoyed a break at High Jinks Ranch, a historical ranch started by associates of Buffalo Bill Cody. At the end of the hike, Jeff reported we had hiked about 9.5 miles. It was a satisfying day for Jeff Love, Randy Wentross, Bertie Litchfield, Ellen Buckley, Aaron Schoenberg, and Elisabeth Wheeler.