Hiking Club’s Final Hike of the Year

Hikers Jane Perry, Mary Hlushko, Paul Rizza, Carol Burke, and hiking guide Karen Gray (photo by Bruce Landeck)

Karen Gray

Throughout the year, the SaddleBrooke Hiking Club sponsors hundreds of hikes to various areas in Arizona. The final hike for 2022 was the Ridge/50-year Loop Trail. This trail affords a view of the Tucson Basin and surrounding mountains.

On Dec. 31 six members of the hiking club drove to the Equestrian Center in Catalina State Park to begin this trek. The morning started cool, but by the time they had climbed that first hill and turned up the Ridge Trail, the temperatures—along with the hikers—had warmed up considerably.

After reaching the top, they came to a cleared area, which the phone company is using as access to the place where they are installing new telephone poles. Though such destruction is always a little dismaying, in a few years, it should heal.

They then stopped for a snack and chatted for a while to get to know some of the newer members. On their return down the 50-year Trail, they observed the saguaro nurseries—where new saguaro growth is occurring—and one oddly shaped saguaro, which they used for a group photo.

They took their time descending in order to look at a few landmarks along the way. Everyone enjoyed the last hike of the year, and the beautiful views and weather made it an enjoyable experience.