Hikers head to Dripping Springs

Back row: Marianne Moesch, Lou Powers; Middle row: Jeanine Storrs, Karen Schickendanz, Diana Smith, Deb Engleman, Denis Greenland; Front row: Elissa Cochran, Karen Gray- guide; Photo taken by Ruth Caldwell.

Karen Gray

November 29 was a beautiful morning for a hike. Ten SaddleBrooke hikers went to Catalina State Park to hike the Dripping Springs trail off of the Sutherland trail. Water was still running at the second and third crossings of the Sutherland wash. There were still flowers out, both of which were the gift of the October rains. We normally don’t see flowers at this time of the year and we stopped to identify and admire the hardy ones that hung out for so long. Along the way we also stopped at some grinding holes and to admire some of the views. Many were taking photos along the way and the light was very good for that. As we were finishing up, the winds started to blow and clouds came in. It was an excellent morning to be outside and enjoy nature.