Hikers escape the heat in the Santa Rita Mountains

Dale Leman

Early on May 31, nine SaddleBrooke hikers headed to the Santa Rita mountains near Green Valley, at least in part to escape the late May heat. Our mission was to hike to the Josephine Saddle and back. The hike started at the Madera Canyon parking lot, elevation 5400 feet, and proceeded up the Old Baldy Trail to Josephine Saddle, elevation 7,080 feet. We were in the shade most of the time which was most appreciated. Upon reaching the saddle we took a break before venturing on. Michael Reale, our hiking guide, then wanted to show us one of his favorite places. We had to scramble a bit but we all arrived at “Roger’s Rock.” Roger’s rock is big and the views are outstanding. A real treat to be there. After a brief rest we proceeded down the Super Trail to the parking lot and returned home. All combined about a 6.5-mile hike. We beat the heat, got exercise and enjoyed some great scenery in southern Arizona.