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SaddleBrooke hikers top Dome Rock (Photo by Ruth Caldwell)

SaddleBrooke hikers top Dome Rock (Photo by Ruth Caldwell)

Hiker’s Visit Dome Rock

Ruth Caldwell

On May 22, SaddleBrooke hikers assaulted another of the great trails blazed by Associate Chief Hiking Guide Michael Hovan and his trail building crew. This new track, designated the Picnic Rock/Double Crested/Dome Loop, climbs up out of the Canada del Oro wash behind SaddleBrooke into the hills we view from our backyards.

Beautiful views of the Catalina Mountains surrounded the hikers along the way. Early in the hike a coyote seemed way too interested in the group. He blocked our trail initially, then followed for a good 10 minutes, ignoring shouts and pole rattling. Soon, though, they arrived at the first destination—Picnic Rock. This outcropping forms a prominent overlook above the Dodge Tank gorge. The location is an area where five arroyos join to form the main channel, with steep rock walls descending into the wash below.

The group then followed the trail up to Charouleau Gap road which led to the trail up to Big Dome Rock, a huge boulder high above SaddleBrooke. Here, one sees views, not only of SaddleBrooke, but also of the Biosphere II and the surrounding mountain ranges. After another short break, they headed down the steep trails back into SaddleBrooke. The consensus was that the new hike was a wonderful way to spend an early morning!