Here’s to Your Wellness: Upcoming Complimentary Classes

Barbara Barr

For the past three years, the Wellness Integrated Network of SaddleBrooke has hosted programs each first Friday on a variety of topics to support our community in reaching wellness goals. Did you know that we also offer complimentary small group classes and mini-seminars? Since the pandemic, we have also been offering some of these classes on Zoom. Now that the pandemic is calming down, we offer hybrid classes so that people can join us in person or on Zoom!

Here’s the lineup of upcoming classes:

Sleep, Glorious Sleep!

Friday, Aug. 20 at 1 p.m. in person small group or Zoom

As we age, sleep can become more elusive for some of us. We will look at some research and a number of solutions.

Supplements 101

Friday, Aug. 27 at 1 p.m. in person small group or Zoom

This is one of the most requested topics from our SaddleBrooke community. Years ago, we could get most of our nutrients from our foods. However, with modern farming methods, many of our foods are not as nutrient rich as they used to be, and when it comes to supplements, it’s buyer beware! What’s a person to do?

The Science Behind Energy Healing—first Friday seminar

Friday, Sept. 3 at 1 p.m. in person at the MountainView Ballroom

Ann Linda Baldwin, Ph.D., is a professor of physiology at the University of Arizona and director of Mind-Body-Science.

The Science Behind Essential Oils

Friday, Sept. 17 at 1 p.m. in person small group or Zoom

Everyone is turning to essential oils, but how do you use them, and how do they work? This class will include what to look for and what to avoid.

For a Zoom invitation or to reserve a spot for the in person small groups, email [email protected] or call 520-339-7400.

In addition to our First Friday Seminars at the MountainView Ballroom, the Wellness Integrated Network of SaddleBrooke continues to support you in many other ways.

1. Facebook: Our Facebook page is chock full of humor (laughter is the best medicine), articles, and wellness information. Be sure to like our page,

2. Newsletters: To sign up for our email distribution list, send your name and email address to [email protected]

3. Zoom and small group classes: We will offer classes, meetings, and other events through Zoom and small in person classes. Zoom meetings and the small in person classes are by invitation only. To receive an invitation to a Zoom class, or the location of an in person class, email your name and which class you want to [email protected]

The Wellness Integrated Network is open to all SaddleBrooke residents. Come join our community of learners as we find out how to make our golden years even more golden. For more information, contact Barbara Barr or Patti Gould at [email protected] or call 520-339-7400.