Help Is Just a Phone Call Away

Dispatch team: Lynne Kirk, Debbie Jones, Gail Bohlman, Bonnie Westra, Shawne Cryderman, Karen Pearc

Barbara Barr

Have you ever wondered who answers when you call Senior Village at 520-314-1042? It’s EVE! EVE is an acronym for a computer program known as Easy Village Express. After you leave your name and request with EVE, the Dispatch team moves into action. Dispatch makes sure your request gets to the correct Senior Village team.

The entire process begins with EVE. Because of EVE, SaddleBrooke has one of the most sophisticated and highly automated systems of all the Senior Villages across the country. EVE is an incredible computer program designed by SaddleBrooke’s own wizard David Loendorf. EVE is so advanced that as you talk on the phone, she transcribes the message. The program is so good at spelling names, that she rarely makes a mistake. But when you are talking to EVE, you still need to speak slowly and clearly.

After EVE takes your information, the Dispatch team steps into action. The Dispatch team is the heartbeat of Senior Village. Shawne Cryderman has led this team for the past six years. Shawne’s team of six checks in with EVE several times a day by computer. Some members of the team monitor the calls even while traveling or living in other locations. Since EVE is a computer program, she travels wherever the volunteers go.

First, the Dispatch team assigns requests to the appropriate Senior Village team. Perhaps you need transportation from the Going My Way team. Or maybe you need some Helping Hands to provide aid in your home or yard. If you’d like to upgrade your technology or set up some type of electronic gadget, Home Technology is at your service. The Forms and Documents team can support you in organizing and processing important legal documents. There is also a Fun With Friends team to provide activities and social support. Additionally, Senior Village helps everyone in SaddleBrooke place a lockbox by their front door (call 520-240-0149). Lastly, if the time comes to say goodbye to life in SaddleBrooke, the Moving On team can support you.

Shawne Cryderman shared a few final thoughts about services:

1. Remember that requests require a five-day lead time to process!

2. Remember to provide changes in contact information to Senior Village!

3. Everyone needs a residential lockbox. Senior Village will help you purchase and install the lockbox, even if you are not a member. Call 520-240-0149.

Lastly, the Dispatch team follows your request to be sure it is fulfilled. EVE helps by sending emails to the volunteers. But the Dispatch team monitors your request until it is safely in the hands of the appropriate Senior Village volunteer. Shawne Cryderman estimates that approximately 96% of requests are filled.

This Dispatch team is the heartbeat of Senior Village. These dedicated volunteers spend many hours serving you! That’s neighbors helping neighbors!