Grandchildren’s Day  Set for November 24

Mikayla and Anna Mullen love pickleball, and your grandchildren will, too!

Now is the time to sign up for a fun-filled Grandchildren’s Day, which will feature four different events, on Friday, Nov. 24. These opportunities include hiking, pickleball, swimming, and putting and are being organized by the Fitness, Wellness, and Recreation Committee of SaddleBrooke TWO.

Start your morning off by burning off some calories with a fun family hike with the Hiking Club. Participants will meet at the Mini Mart where grandkids will learn about the do’s and don’ts of hiking in the desert. Volunteers from the Hiking Club will then lead groups on a short, one- to two-mile hike through our SaddleBrooke Desert with stops to identify plants and share stories. An adult must accompany each child.

Mid-morning, get set to learn all about pickleball. It is a very easy sport to learn, and your grandchildren will love it. There is so much less chasing the ball than tennis and much more actual playing, especially at the beginning level. Arrive at the pickleball courts at Ridgeview with your smiles and your energy. Children should be at least 7 years old, and any number of children can be with one adult. But all parents and grandparents are encouraged to join in, ready to play, wearing shorts and sneakers. If you don’t have racquets, no worries. Some will be available for use.

Early afternoon, join in with the Swim Club at the DesertView pool where club volunteers will lead the grandkids of any age who can swim in fun relays and contests. Expect lots of giggles! There might even be some opportunities for grandparents or parents to join in the fun!

Mid-afternoon, all you grandparents can share your golfing prowess with your grandchildren and team up on the MountainView putting green. We will have some putting lessons and demonstrations and a putting contest with amazing prizes! So, let’s see what you’ve got, and show off with your grandkids. Any number of children may accompany an adult, but all parents and grandparents are encouraged to participate. Children should be at least 7 years old. Bring your putters and some marked golf balls. Again, no worries if you don’t have the gear. Some will be provided.

Sign up ASAP so that you can ensure that we have space for you and your grandchildren. Class size may be limited. If too few children are enrolled by Nov. 22 at noon for any particular event, the Fitness, Wellness, and Recreation Committee will notify grandparents of cancellation. All participants must be signed up in advance.

So, here is a recap of the schedule:

Hiking: 8:30 a.m./meet at Mini Mart

Pickleball: 10:30 a.m./meet at Ridgeview courts

Swimming: 1 p.m./meet at DesertView pool

Putting: 3:15 p.m./meet at MountainView putting green

Sign up via email at [email protected] for each event with the names of all participants, including children’s ages, whether you need equipment, and participating adults’ names. Each event will last one to one and a half hours and will be fun.