Good news! Counters wanted!

Sandee Lewin

We are fortunate indeed to have three candidates for an HOA 2 vice presidential position.

In anticipation of a great turnout of voters, we have six volunteer vote counters, with previous experience, already in place. We are asking for three new volunteers to fill the roster.

Following a procedure initiated several years ago, all unopened ballot envelopes are verified for unit number and lot number during three separate steps with fully authenticated results. Only then are envelopes opened and all ballots placed into a general box to be finally separated into candidate boxes and counted. No counter may handle his/her own unit envelopes and we never see how anyone voted.

We are a friendly group and enjoy the day’s activities. You can brown bag it or use our restaurants. Expect to be here five or six hours. The time goes quickly and we all feel pretty good about the whole thing. Interested in assisting? Call Sandee Lewin at 818-3158 from 10:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. or email at [email protected].