Good neighbors are a blessing

Andrea Molberg

Ever been told to focus on positive things? Gratitude works. One of my recent blessings was a neighbor who, after speeding past me as I was walking my dog on the dangerous stretch of Catalina Hills Drive, turned his car around and apologized. Doing so made him late for the appointment he’d been speeding to.

I had signaled him to slow down, because the narrow, curvy, frequently trafficked, hilly road has routinely been the site of numerous near misses, particularly near driveways. Trucks and residents travel so fast they swerve into the other lane, since stopping is impossible. There are no sidewalks on this busy stretch. Head on accidents and hurt pedestrians are real risks.

That resident was a true blessing and a man of character. Not only did he slow down, he returned to admit he’d been going too fast. He cared. We all make mistakes, but exceptional people own up and change their habits.

My grandmother admonished me to count my blessings and researchers have even verified her wisdom. Noticing our blessings clearly helps people feel better in the short and long term. That neighbor is a blessing worth counting. Be another.

Folks are starting to honor the community’s crucial 25 mile/hour speed limit zones. Join in and slow down to prevent residents from getting hit while pulling in and out of their driveways or walking in this beautiful place.