Golf Cars of Arizona visits Sunrise Rotary Club

Dick Kroese

SaddleBrooke Sunrise Rotary Club was honored and privileged to have Allison Honeycutt from Golf Cars of Arizona speak about the proper maintenance of a golf car. She shared many of the proper ways to maintain a golf car from home. First, it is important to maintain the tire pressure. It is also important to charge and then ‘water’ the batteries regularly. She also pointed out how important it is to keep the grease fittings greased, brakes cleaned and adjusted, and corrosion cleaned from the battery box. Golf cars should be serviced at least once to twice a year to ensure they are safe and well maintained. Golf Cars of Arizona does not charge for picking up the car as long as it is functioning.

It is important to maintain your golf cars here in SaddleBrooke because they not only help out on the golf course, but many times also serve as a primary means of transportation. Some of us even use them for exercising our dogs by having the dog run alongside the car. If you need to contact Golf Cars of Arizona for any reason call 520-825-7750.