Golden Goose expansion update

Spring and summer 2017 will be an ongoing celebration of the expansion construction project that the Golden Goose has been undergoing for nearly one year! We can’t thank our loyal donors, customers and volunteers enough for bearing with us through this long project! The completion will see an addition of 4000 square feet overall, 3000 in the back room and 1000 on the sales floor! One of the most visible and welcome improvements will be our clothing department makeover that we know you are going to love! We will be celebrating all spring and summer with special events, sales and promotions throughout the shop to thank you for persevering through all of this with us! If you have not already done so, please join our email list for special notifications of all events and promotions and please visit our website at where we post our in-shop sales every day! Without all of you the Golden Goose would not be the success it is today! Thank you for allowing us the privilege of making good things happen every day for local children, seniors and families in need!