Gift Shop Artist of the Month

Artist of the Month: Kevin Brougher

Artist of the Month: Kevin Brougher

Tom Costner

As a multiple award winner in the creation of games for both children and adults, Kevin brings a new and creative talent to the SaddleBrooke Gift Shop.

A native of Seattle, he earned his B. A. in Education and completed his M.A. in Educational Administration at Central Washington University.

As with many creative minds, Kevin began to create games with the objective of finding ways to engage kids in thinking in a fun way while continuing to learn the educational basics while teaching math and science to his students in elementary, middle school and high school in the Seattle area.

His first game, Across-Ticklers: The Game of Quick Acrostics, was chosen as the Parent’s Choice GOLD Award Winner. You ask, “What is an Acrostic?” For example, you are given a word such as “golf” and you are to compose a sentence using each of the letters in the word, i.e., “George only loves football.” Then came, Frazzle, a party game for both youngsters and adults and again, an award winner in Games 100 Award.

Kevin has continued his creation of games and through a book distributor; his Thinklers: A Collection of Brain Ticklers, has now sold over 100,000 copies and was followed with Thinklers 2: More Brain Ticklers.

When you visit the SaddleBrooke Gift Shop you may select from an array of games like Shanjari, a game of strategy, History Mysteries: A New Twist on Timelines or for the more adventurous minds, Science Stumpers: Brain-Busting Scenarios Solved with Science.

SaddleBrooke Gift Shop

Here is an opportunity to try something new when you plan your next social gathering with friends. As Kevin says, “The SaddleBrooke Gift Shop is a great place to offer the games at below the usual retail prices and —no need to worry about shipping costs as well as the dreaded sales tax.” Come visit the SaddleBrooke Gift Shop and select from an array of Kevin’s games knowing everyone will have fun. Prices range from $10 to $25.

If you want to own one of Kevin’s brain-tickling games, Thinklers, stop by the SaddleBrooke Gift Shop and register for the free drawing at the end of March. No purchase is necessary.

Kevin and his wife of eleven years, Chelsy, are relatively new residents of SaddleBrooke moving here just eight months ago. He is actively using his creative talents as he submits monthly brain-tickling game challenges to the local SaddleBrooke newspapers.

All items in the SaddleBrooke Gift Shop are created by the creative residents of our local SaddleBrooke Communities. Browse among the many unique and one of a kind gorgeous jewelry pieces, multiple fabric creations, art, ceramics, photography, numerous note cards and the list goes on. Open daily from 9:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m., the shop is staffed by the volunteer artisans who create the articles on display.

The SaddleBrooke Gift Shop is located just around the corner on the right side of SaddleBrooke Boulevard between the tennis courts and the SaddleBrooke One Clubhouse. Don’t wait; come visit today and register.