Get fit while enjoying English Country Dancing

English Country Dancers

English Country Dancers

“It’s too darn hot” to be exercising outside on these hot summer days, but you can still get some great exercise and have a delightful time doing English Country Dancing on Thursday afternoons from 4:00 to 5:30 p.m. at the lovely and cool Vermilion Room in SaddleBrooke One Clubhouse.

Although we miss our snowbird dancers, there are still enough eager dancers here to have lots of fun. Come and join us. We welcome beginners. For most of the dances you just need to be able to do a lilting walk and learn the dance sequences. Just be sure to wear flat or low-heeled shoes (sneakers are not suitable for the floor or for dancing) and comfortable clothing. Join us for some great fun and lively music.

The classes are free of charge. Try it—you’ll be glad you did!

For further information contact Enid Fowler at [email protected], 520-818-1932 or Kay White at [email protected], 520-825-9246.