‘Game of Thrones’ SaddleBrooke style

Jill Fritz

On Saturday, November 4, the SaddleBrooke Swim Club had a different type of swim work-out – all relays! Coach Doug Springer had all types of funny swimming contortions up his sleeve for us swimmers. We had teams assembled four to five swimmers in each lane. Then the fun began! One example was doing the good ole wheelbarrow race (the front person flailing their arms and the back person holding on to their feet and doing the kicking). Another was two swimmers, side by side, holding onto each other’s inside hands and swimming to the other end of the pool. The last race of many was trying to swim the length of the pool with a dozen rubber duckies and plastic tropical fish without touching them with your hands. That was probably the hardest race of many and we all had many laughs over that one! Of course, each lane claimed they were the winners of the whole swim event!

Following the races we all jumped in the hot tub to laugh about our races and then were treated to pizza, pop, lots of salads and desserts, thanks to the organizing of Ann Lowry and her committee. A fun morning was had by all our newer and older swim members.