Fusion is coming to SaddleBrooke Stained Glass Club


Diane Clary, President

So many people admire the stained-glass artwork designed by others at the craft fairs, in art shops, and in others’ homes. Wouldn’t you love to do those types of projects yourself? Have you always wondered what it takes to accomplish something with such intricacies of design? The time has come for you to give it a try. Make those beautiful kick plate covers, hangings, night lights, boxes, and lamp shades yourself.

The club, through the multi-talented Esther Olson, offers workshops for you to see if this is the thing for you without much up-front cost. Esther owned her own stained-glass business before packing up and moving to SaddleBrooke. She taught classes at her shop for more than 20 years and continues to offer to share her expertise with us. It’s absolutely free to try cutting glass to see what it is all about and if you can do it. Then, after a successful trial of cutting you can borrow/buy beginner’s sets from the club for your first project to determine how creative you can be.

Even if stained glass isn’t what interests you, how about mosaic? We have a wonderful program of classes and workshops that will get you involved in designing and creating mosaic projects that will be beautiful and useful for you or as gifts. You can work on your projects in the arts and crafts room or in your own home–not difficult at all!

And now after years of wishing and wanting we will be offering classes in fused glass! You know you want to try this, you know that this has been an interest of yours; so why not start now?

The club’s objectives are to learn about, share, and promote interest in the art of stained glass. We were at the Activities Fair on January 27, 2018 and perhaps you met with us or passed us by. If you have interest in this activity you can contact Hod Wells at [email protected] or 520-818-0763 or Esther Olson at [email protected] or 936-697-1925 for upcoming activities and general information about working with glass.

Annual membership dues for 2018 are $10—what a bargain! With all the friendly and helpful members waiting to show you how much fun and how rewarding this can be, you have nothing to lose. Come by and speak with us. There will be more information regarding classes and fieldtrips as the year progresses.