Fun With Friends

Melanie Einbund

A new breath! Until recently, all of us have experienced a hunkering down of activities and things to do and seclusion. Many thanks to the Senior Village vaccination program, which, in a large part, allows us to resume our activities and create new ones!

Fun With Friends has answered that call! We supply Senior Village members the opportunity to experience birthday luncheons, game days, bocce ball, men’s social hour, a book club, and similar activities.

Simply, the mission of Fun With Friends is to provide opportunities to engage in social interaction, diminish social isolation, promote mental and physical stimulation, and enhance the quality of life.

Why not do all of that in the spirit of fun? Just think about:

• Birthday parties celebrate birthday month members with song, entertainment, a cupcake, and a gift. Fun With Friends believes every birthday is a big deal!

• Bocce ball—have fun with your athletic skills. You may even win!

• Game days let you think and be amused and ensure lively conversation.

• The book club creates an environment to discuss your readings, insights, and opinions. At a recent meeting, we went on for hours about life and death decisions, dysfunctional families, moralities, and values. The conversation was very spirited. We were all disappointed when, after over two hours, we had to end. Asked what the day was like, we all responded, “Fun!”

The book club is actively looking for members. Everyone is welcome! We meet on the third Thursday of the month at 2 p.m. We plan for two hours to discuss the book. Often, it is just not enough time. Books have been selected for November through January.

• November: The Lost Letter by Julian Cantor

• December: The Island of Women by Lisa See

• January: Seeing Red by Sandra Brown

For more information about the book club, contact Claire Tanner at 520-818-6557 or Melanie Einbund at [email protected].

Lois Violanti is the team leader of Fun With Friends. Lois’ unbound energy, welcoming personality, and dedication to volunteerism are unsurpassed! Lois ([email protected]) welcomes your interest, questions, and participation.