FSL membership supports our Libraries


Rollinde Prager

The Friends of SaddleBrooke Libraries (FSL) was established in 2000 to provide funding for new library materials and equipment for the three SaddleBrooke libraries. Thanks to FSL’s efforts to raise funds through membership fees, community education events, fundraising events and tax-exempt gifts, we were able to provide $34,000 for the purchase of new library materials in 2017. FSL’s success is essential to ensure that SaddleBrooke residents have continued access to robust libraries.

In addition to supporting the libraries, FSL members receive other membership benefits depending on their membership level. All members get free admission to all FSL Library Lectures, advanced email notification of upcoming FLS trips and events and periodic discounts on programs and merchandise. In addition to those benefits, members are eligible for many more perks depending on the level of donation. Members at the $50 to $99 level receive all of the above plus entry in a drawing for one ILR class. Nancy Kennedy was the lucky winner of that prize last year. Members at the $100 to $249 level receive all of the above and will be named in the fall Author’s Luncheon program. At the $250 to $499 level, members receive all of the above and will be entered in a raffle for two tickets to a DesertView performance of their choice. Louise Bidwell and Joyce Howard were the winners of that prize. Finally, members giving $500 and over receive all of the above and will be seated at the author’s table at either the fall or spring Authors Luncheon.

Friends of SaddleBrooke Libraries initiated Rolling Membership allowing members to receive renewal notices, renew and pay their annual dues online. For example, if a member pays dues in April 2018, the dues for 2019 won’t be due until April of that year. The Rolling Membership program begun in December 2017 replaced the previous procedure that required dues payment in January of each year regardless of when the previous year’s dues were paid. Renewal notices will be sent to members via email and should arrive at least one month before dues are to be paid.

Friends of SaddleBrooke Libraries appreciates the continued support from its members and welcomes new members.