Friday Night Under the Lights!

Debbie McGeehan

Tennis and POP players enjoyed our beautiful summer nights at the SaddleBrooke One tennis courts. Bill Wallin organized this fun event with the assistance of Ron Bouchard and Mary Jo Quilling. The POP Tennis players were organized by Carey Ricard with the assistance of Denise Phillips.

We had 16 tennis players and eight POP players participate, along with a few alternates. The event took place on July 8, 15, and 22. Play started at 6:15 p.m. and ended after two sets were completed. Partners switched after each set. Each night was with a different partner and against different players. This format made it fun and a great way to meet other members of the SaddleBrooke Tennis Club (STC).

The weather was favorable for each night, with a sprinkle of rain and a gorgeous rainbow our last evening of play. After burning all those calories, players met on the patio and enjoyed very healthy snacks provided by the SaddleBrooke Tennis Club. It seemed Cheetos consumption far out distanced Smart Popcorn in the snack category! Players brought their choice of beverage.

Players who won the most games won STC towels and four cans of balls. The second-place finishers won three cans of balls.

Traditional Tennis:

First place: Gary Rowell (men), Tracy Reingruber (women)

Second place: George Kalman (men), Keri Davis (women)

POP Tennis:

First place: Landon Sheat (men), Carey Ricard (women)

Second place: Charles Kahng (men), Denise Phillips (women)

Comments from some participants were: “Never had that much fun playing tennis on Friday night in July,” “Thanks for the healthy snacks,” “Some people lob way too much,” “More excitement than I have had since 72, and thanks for the Cheetos,” “Let’s do it again!”

Thanks to the organizers and to the members who participated in this club event and made it successful! Please join us and enjoy the kind of friendship shared by our members who are fortunate to live in SaddleBrooke. For more information about becoming a member, call the SaddleBrooke Tennis Club at 520-825-0255 or call our new member chair, Tracy Reingruber, at 571-218-7677.