Francophiles crown royalty at “The Feast of Kings”

Pat Smith

The New Year witnessed royalty being crowned at the SaddleBrooke Francophiles “Feast of Kings” on Saturday, January 7, in the lovely home of Chris and Christiane Millar. Tables were set as in a fine French restaurant, heavy hors d’oeuvres and complimenting wines were abundant, and the Mardi Gras themed King Kakes were served for dessert. Hidden tokens were baked into the kakes, and after each guest was served their piece, Ed Dienno and Maria Miller discovered the token in their individual section. Each was immediately crowned king and queen, toasted with champagne, and were given the opportunity to address the crowd with their wisdom and proclamation. A truly fun evening!

The next event for the Francophiles is “La Chandeleur” Crepe Party, held on Saturday, February 10. Members are requested to create either a savory or a sweet filling to fill one of hundreds of mouthwatering crepes. This always anticipated, Mardi-Gras themed party will again honor our newly crowned royalty; guests are encouraged to don typical Mardi Gras attire to add to the fun.

On March 10, the Fine Foods and Wines of the Regions of France Party will be happening; this affair will pair the delicious foods and complimentary wines of at least three regions of France. Members will be creating the dishes indicative of these areas, and several whites and reds will be served with these specialties. An evening to be remembered.

“Paris in the Park” will be the theme for our April 14 event, which will offer members the opportunity to suggest and create hors d’oeuvres that should be included in a typical Parisian picnic to the Eiffel Tower. Other surprises will be offered, as well.

Mylinda Guillen is coordinating the “Diners a la Maison” which gives members the chance to dine with others at host homes, each couple brings a portion of the meal, and the opportunity to meet in more intimate settings with other members. Dates for this event are February 15 and April 19.

For more information about the SaddleBrooke Francophiles, please contact Pat Smith at 825-2409. Membership is open to all SaddleBrooke and SaddleBrooke Ranch residents. Vive la France!