Fourth annual Golf Cart Parade December 21

Valerie Malik

Four years ago several HOA 1 couples got together and decided that a Christmas golf cart parade would be a lot of fun. So, they decorated their carts with lights and holiday cheers. Before the parade they met at one of the couple’s home for drinks and appetizers. As soon as the sun went down they drove through the neighborhoods playing Christmas music and honking their horns. Alas, as no one knew about the parade, they had very few spectators. Nevertheless, word got out and more people wanted to be in the parade. Over the years it has grown.

This year it was decided to get the community involved. More people will be able to participate. For those who want to watch, they will know when and where to see the parade.

This year the parade will be held Wednesday, December 21. Everyone will meet at the HOA 1 Clubhouse at approximately 4:00 p.m. After the parade people can split up in groups and continue celebrating at the club or go to someone who’s volunteered their home.

For more information and to sign up to participate contact Ed Mosio at [email protected], 520-818-6579 or Sharon Anderson at  [email protected], 425-344-2318.