First of the year

Bob Heaps savoring the moment

Bob Heaps savoring the moment

Bob Edelblut

For those of you who are still searching for that perfect something to jump start your New Year you might want to contact Bob Heaps. On Friday, January 5 Bob Heaps walked up to the tee on the 17th hole at the MountainView Golf Course at approximately 12:45 p.m. The sun was shining, “it was a beautiful day,” and the one hour frost delay and the three prior days of miserable weather were long forgotten. Bob’s only concern was that blue flag at the back of the green about 145 yards away. His club of choice was a five iron and in just a few seconds he recorded his second hole-in-one, the first by an M-PMGA member in 2015. By the way, his first hole-in-one was recorded on the same hole several years ago.

Bob’s fifty or so years of golf began in the suburbs of Chicago where he and his brothers learned the game together. His playing partners on this special day were Manny Mederos and Tim Koch and they guarantee that it truly happened. Rumor has it that they were justly rewarded after completion of the round.

Again, congratulations, Bob, for your second hole-in-one. Those of us who are still waiting are very envious.