The first hole-in-one of 2016 goes to Rennie Temple

Rennie Temple standing proud

Rennie Temple standing proud

Bob Edelblut

On Friday, January 1, 2016, the eighth hole at the MountainView Golf Course was the scene of the first hole-in-one of the year. To be exact it occurred at 11:10 a.m. MST under sunny skies with an ideal 60 degree temperature. What a setting for Rennie Temple to record his third career ace. Congratulations once again.

Playing partners Len Raab and Otto Voorman told Rennie that their devices gauged the distance to the back pin to be about 152 yards. At this time all Rennie was thinking about was finishing the nine hole round and getting off his feet because he had had knee replacement surgery just 25 days before and his score card through seven holes was full of others! So he took his trusty eight iron from his bag and tried to execute a smooth swing. As often happens on eight, his ball, lofted nicely, headed for the right side of the green. But to the amazement of all it began to draw towards the green. Rennie was so excited that he had actually hooked an iron that he pulled a Matt Kuchar and picked up his tee before the ball landed. Walking to their carts Len said “that looks like a really good shot” so Rennie watched the ball land on the green and roll toward the pin. He was certain that it was long and would run through the green. The threesome in front of Rennie’s group was in their carts behind the green when the shot landed and started its trek to the pin. Immediately they raised their hands and started waving. Rennie knew they were just messing with him! Rennie was convinced the ball was in the sprinkler hole behind the green when he did not see a ball on the green. It was quickly determined that the ball was not in the sprinkler hole so all headed to the cup and soon they learned that Rennie had number three. What a great story and congratulations one more time.

Against his better judgment Rennie and his partners decided to play eighteen holes and although his performance improved on the back nine all he really craved was a warm bed and a bag of ice. The Bistro was closed when they finished their round but you can rest assured, Rennie, that Otto and Len will not let you escape the celebration!